3 Things that Can Affect the Price of Your Pool

In-ground pools are considered an excellent asset that adds value to your property. They also form an attractive focal point in your backyard where you can relax or entertain your guests. These pools blend into your landscaping easier and bring a feeling of comfort and luxury in your home. When considering installation of the pool, it is essential to put into account all the factors that will affect the price. Here are three factors that influence the cost of installing an in-ground pool.

Pool size and volume

In-ground pools come in various sizes which determines the price of installing the pool. Large swimming pools will use more labor, construction materials, chemicals, and landscaping. If you are planning to install a diving board, it means you will need more depth in your pool. Having a deeper pool will cost more to construct compared to a shallow pool.

Customization and extras

Sunset Pools & Spas, a company which installs inground swimming pools in Chicago, says, “Having an in-ground pool gives you the independence of designing the pool to your preference. You can have a custom shaped pool depending on what you are planning to use the pool for and space available.” If you are planning on having a customized shape, it will cost more compared to having a standard shaped pool. From pool slides, deck jets, swim up bars, hot tub to waterfalls; there are no limits to what extras you add to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your pool. However, these extras come at additional cost to the installation of your pool.

Construction materials

Materials you use to line the pool play a key role in determining the installation price of a pool. Whether you chose vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete as your material is a significant variable. Of the three options vinyl is the cheapest though it will need replacing more frequently. Fiberglass and concrete materials are more expensive compared to vinyl. Though these premium materials have minimum repair costs, it’s not necessarily enough to cover the price difference.

Ultimately, the right contractors play a crucial role in correct pool installation as they will help prevent unnecessary future costs. But, when it comes to having an in-ground pool, the extra additions you want and your budget will determine the kind of pool to get. Opt to avoid add-ons that will not serve the needs you have. Instead, add enhancements that will add value to your property and make the pool more enjoyable.