4 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Whether you are on a tight budget this Halloween or just left your costume until the last minute, a DIY costume is a great option. These costumes can all be made with items from your own closet plus a few inexpensive extras from the craft or dollar store. Keep reading for 4 fun, easy, and super cheap costume ideas you can make yourself!

1. Bunch Of Grapes

Are you the wine lover of your group? This silly costume is perfect for you! All you need is a bag of green or purple balloons. Blow them up to various sizes and use safety pins to attach to an all-black, all-purple, or all-green outfit. Remember to put more "grapes" near the bottom and fewer at the top for an authentic bunch look. If you're really feeling crafty, cut some leaves out of green felt and attach to one shoulder. Top off the look with a purple or green beanie!

2. Tom Cruise in "Risky Business"

For the world's easiest last-minute costume, transform yourself into the main character from this classic 80s movie. Simply slip on a long white button-down shirt, white crew socks, and dark sunglasses. Slide into the Halloween party in style with this fun costume!

3. Fork In The Road

Love puns? Entertain your family and friends with this goofy "play on words" costume. All you need is a plain black t-shirt, a plastic fork, and some white felt or paper. Cut the felt into short strips, then tape or glue down the center of the front of the shirt in a vertical line. Attach the fork anywhere on the "road", slip on the shirt carefully, and head out to your spooky festivities.

4. Pumpkin Pi

Another funny (or punny) last-minute costume idea is "pumpkin pi". To make it, start by painting a pi symbol onto an orange t-shirt. If you're artistic, try it freehand, otherwise make a stencil by printing a picture off the internet. Pair the shirt with brown pants for your "crust." Finish the look by attaching small fake pumpkins to either a headband or to the shirt. This idea is a definite conversation starter!

Just because you are making your own Halloween costume doesn't mean it has to be boring or expected. All of these ideas are unique, fun, and cheap and easy to make, too! Your Halloween is sure to be festive and easy on your wallet with these 4 DIYs.